Best Espresso Machine Under $300 – 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

Whether you are new to espresso or an avid espresso drinker, getting an espresso machine under a budget is always a good idea. No more running to coffee shops at odd times of the day for satisfying your yearnings. With an espresso machine in your reach, you’ll be preparing and enjoying the best homemade espresso you have ever tasted.

Take a look at the list of our carefully picked machines that are all epitomes of excellence in their own. All of them are specially selected on the basis of their performance, functionality, and ability to satisfy a broad range of requirements.

At a Glance - Our Choices for the Best Espresso Machine Under $300

If you want to enjoy barista style espresso without crossing your budget line, you can’t get anything better than the Breville ESP8XL. With its numerous features and durable construction, this machine is surely going to make a mark in your heart.

The Delonghi EC680M is a perfect companion for every true espresso lover. The machine features a compact design and a whole bunch of features, making it ideal for enjoying both espresso and Americano alike.

The Capresso 118.05 is the perfect choice for every person who loves super rich and creamy coffee. This amazing piece of equipment gives you excellent control over your machine to help you master your barista skills.

If you want a machine that is both quick and versatile, your best bet is the DeLonghi EC155. The self-priming option of the machine ensures that you don’t have to waste any time in making start-up preparations.

If you are an environment-friendly person, you’d definitely love the NespressoInissia. The machine uses energy efficient system that automatically shuts it down after nine minutes of dormancy.

2018’s Reviews of the Best Espresso Machine Under $300


Epresso Machine



​Pump Pressure




Breville ESP8XL

13.2 pounds

12 x 12 x 15”

15 bar


Delonghi EC680M

9.3 pounds

13 x 5.9 x 13”

15 bar


Capresso 118.05

6 pounds

11 x 12 x 8”

15 bar


DeLonghi EC155

6.7 pounds

8 x 11 x 10”

15 bar



5.3 pounds

12.4 x 4.7 x 9.1”

19 bar

#1 Breville ESP8XL

Enjoy steamy hot cups of creamy espresso whenever you want with the Breville ESP8XL at your disposal. This machine is hands down the best espresso machine under $300 in the whole market.

The material that is used in its construction is stainless. So, there should be no questions about the machine’s sturdiness or durability.

The ESP8XL features a Thermo Block heating technology that extracts your espresso at the ideal temperature.

Every cup of espresso from this appliance is full of cream, all thanks to the 15 bar pressure and double wall filter mechanism. And the texture and aroma are just out of this world.

The machine also includes a cup warmer and a frothing pitcher with additional accessories for easing out the espresso making procedure as much as possible. It also features a removable drip tray for even more convenience.

If you can’t compromise on quality and taste, you must give it a try.


  • Compact design
  • Removable drip tray
  • Cup warmer
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Enhanced pressure for more crema


  • The dual wall filter may get blocked if you delay cleaning

#2 Delonghi EC680M DEDICA

Delonghi is yet another renowned name in the world of coffee machines. And the EC680M here is an evidence of why the manufacturer is so popular.

This machine is not only excellent at its main function; it is extremely aesthetic as well. The sleek and beautiful design of the machine will go well with every kitchen design.

Moreover, being so compact, it won’t even take more than 6” of your counter space. What a sigh of relief for small kitchens!

This machine also uses the Thermo Block technology which heats up the machine in less than a minute. It also features a special cappuccino frothing mechanism that delivers you insanely rich and creamy coffee.

The machine also features an auto flow stop and cup warmer that make it more fun to use. For preventing the temperature from rising to a dangerous level, it has an integrated steam regulator.

The machine is extremely easy to use and delivers exceptional cups of rich espresso every time.


  • Compact design
  • Quickly heats up
  • Barista quality coffee
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Illuminated control panel
  • Convenient


  • Not a great option for bigger families
  • The water tank is prone to leakage if not fitted correctly

#3 Capresso 11805 EC PRO

The next best on our list is the Capresso 118.05. Whether you are an espresso lover or a cappuccino lover, this machine is going to make you happy both ways.

This machine lets you enjoy commercial grade coffee at the comfort of your home. The unique pump boiler mechanism along with 2 filters give you excessive control over the machine.

Whether you are an amateur or a skilled espresso maker, this machine is ideal for every single one of you because it’s just so easy to use.

You can brew one to 2 espressos in a single go. This machine will make you a champion at making professional grade coffee in no time.

Lastly, if you face any problem, their highly responsive customer support team will take care of your problem in a jiffy.


  • Can brew in different temperatures
  • Enhances your coffee making skills
  • Outstanding frothing capability
  • Easy to clean
  • Features a cup warmer
  • Good construction quality


  • The quality of drip tray isn’t very impressive
  • Can’t produce very solid cream for espresso

#4 DeLonghi EC155

Our next contender is again from the celebrated manufacturer DeLonghi and it’s pointless to say that it is simply awesome.

This versatile machine lets you enjoy different kinds of coffee according to your taste, be it a latte, espresso or cappuccino.

The machine features a rapid cappuccino mechanism that allows you to enjoy back to back cups of coffee without waiting.

The swivel jet frother of the machine ensures that your coffee is super rich and creamy. With its two individual thermostats, you can control the water and steam pressure independently.

The machine gets heated up in a matter of seconds and the ease of use it provides is just insane. In addition, it is pretty easy to clean too.

This durable machine with its impressive performance surely deserves a spot in every kitchen.


  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Quickly reaches the ideal temperature
  • Makes super rich crema
  • Lets you enjoy different types of coffee3-in-1 filter unit
  • Durable construction


  • Makes rattling noise
  • Customer service needs improvement

#5 NespressoInissia

Wrapping up our list with the NespressoInissia, which may be last on this list, but it certainly isn’t least in terms of performance.

The machine boasts a very compact and artistic design with an ergonomic built. This machine is going to look fabulous in your kitchen, no matter what the color scheme is.

The Inissia features 19-bar pressure pump that delivers you extra rich and creamy coffee each time. It is also energy efficient.

The machine gets heated up in just half a minute. And the two programmable settings make it easy for you to choose the type of coffee you want.

And no matter which setting you choose, you’ll get sinfully delightful coffee from both always.


  • Very quick heating
  • Beautiful and compact design
  • Brewing technology
  • Uses less energy
  • Ultra-high pressure for more crema


  • Noisy
  • Capsules are hard to insert

Important Factors to Consider when Buying Espresso Machine

Listed are few tips and factors to look into when buying an espresso machine.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Every machine needs to be cleaned up, whether it’s a juicing machine or an espresso one. And if you delay the cleaning part instead of doing it right away, it gets really difficult to clean these machines later on. And it’s just a matter of a couple of days that your machine will develop a foul odor because you either deferred the cleaning or didn’t clean it properly.

Therefore, while shortlisting your options, make sure that the ones you are selecting are easy to clean and take only a fraction of your time for getting all sparkling new. Many machines contain a lot of small covert parts. It’s those machines that make cleaning a nightmare because neither your hands nor the dishwashing machine can reach them. So, pick the machine that is easy to maintain.


The level of control that the machine provides you can either make the entire coffee making procedure a breeze or a headache for you. The convenience of the machine is hugely dependent on the number of features it provides. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but it is the case in the majority of the situations.

Therefore, a machine with multiple options and features should be given preference. However, if you have a good amount of experience with espresso making machines, then you won’t be bothered by the number of controls. And any machine would do fine for you.


The most important aspect to think about before buying anything is your budget. But, this is not the case here because the budget is already defined. However, in a defined budget as well, you will come across various kinds of machines with varying qualities and performances.

But, one thing that you need to keep in your mind is that you cannot expect a machine costing $300 to have features that are found in expensive machines. So, what we are saying here is that in this particular budget, you will obviously have to compromise on a few features. Regardless, you can definitely get an excellent machine that is terrific at its main job.

Types of Beverages

Check all the major functions of the machine like the number of boilers in it, the intensity of the steam pressure it produces, number of bars it functions at, time it takes for frothing the milk etc. These functions play a major role in helping you determine if you can make various types of beverages with your machine or not.


It goes without saying that espresso is a hot drink and so the machine that makes it is designed to function at a high temperature. But, if the material is not durable enough, the machine will not be able to endure a long term usage.

Therefore, check for the construction material of the machine and make sure that it isn’t prone to rust and corrosion. However, you should know that all of these machines, whether expensive or inexpensive, need a consistent upkeep. And by properly doing so, you can significantly increase the life of your machine and prevent it from malfunctioning.

Size and Weight

The size and weight may not sound like considerable points but believe us, they truly are. Why? Because you will have a certain spot in your mind for putting your machine over there. Even if you haven’t specified a spot, you’d still know if your kitchen counter can handle a bigger machine or a smaller machine.

If your kitchen counter is already much cluttered with little to no room for another addition, it would be absolutely ludicrous to go for a huge machine and vice versa. Similarly, the weight of the machine is also important. Some people can easily handle heavy machines while others can’t. So, get the one that you can handle with ease.


All espresso machines do not come with a grinder. Some of them bound you to use a ready-made powdered form of coffee from a specific maker. On the other hand, some machines come with an integrated coffee grinder. This is something that totally rests on your personal preference.

If you like to drink freshly grounded coffee, you should get one that has a grinder in it. And if you don’t mind powdered coffee, you’ll be good without the grinder too. However, do keep in mind that in this budget, you will hardly find a machine that offers a grinder as well.

Dripping Tray

A dripping tray also has the ability to either increase the machine’s convenience or make it a nuisance to use. Make sure to check if your tray is removable. It would be preferable if it is because it will aid you in putting larger cups beneath the tap. Even a seemingly slight difference of ½ inch can be really substantial in this regard.

Milk Frothing

First of all, check if the machine comes with a frother in the first place. Then check how efficiently it froths the milk. And for figuring out its efficiency you need to check the amount of time it requires for frothing.

However, if the machine doesn’t come with an integrated frother, you might have an option to buy a separate one.

Cup Warmer

This is not a very significant feature, especially when we consider the small budget that we have fixed. But, if you can find it, it’s great. Like the name infers, a cup warmer helps in heating up your cup before you pour your espresso in it. This helps in keeping the temperature of the coffee maintained for a little longer.

Customer Support

When you invest in a machine, you expect the manufacturer to be more open towards your suggestions and complaints. A lot of companies have built a strong name over the years by following the same practice. But, there are some others as well that do not pay a heed to their customers’ problems.

Therefore, while choosing your machine, do not forget to check how efficient and responsive the company’s customer support team is. If it’s below average, don’t go for it because you will need it someday.


Finding the right espresso machine under a tight budget is not a fun task we tell you. First off, there are not enough choices. Ok! They might not be that fewer, but, obviously, when you specify a budget, you are left with limited options. Then, to find the best one out of those available choices is another painstaking and mind-boggling job.

The only way you can make the ideal selection is by keeping all the necessary factors and aspects of the machine in your mind on the basis of your requirements. And you’ll know what to buy. But, if you still feel lost between several options, the best way would be to opt for our top pick Breville ESP8XL, as it surely won’t dissatisfy you.

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