Best Espresso Beans – 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

If your life is incomplete without coffee and you have to run to coffee shops every day for satisfying your cravings then we have got good news for you. With a bag of best-tasting espresso beans at your disposal, you can make yourself a strong cup of barista like espresso whenever you want.

We are well aware that all of you have different requirements for how you want your coffee to taste like. That’s why we have carefully piled up this list for catering the needs of every single one of you. Take a look at our list of the yummiest coffee beans you can get your hands on and enjoy.

At a Glance: Our Choices for the Best Espresso Beans

The KoffeeKult dark roast coffee beans come with a unique flavor and a powerful aroma that leaves you wanting for more. The coffee beans deliver a smooth and rich flavor that is not too overpowering and doesn’t leave your mouth bitter tasting afterward.

If you like the kind of coffee that can immediately give you a strong kick, you ought to try the Kicking Horse coffee beans. Although decaf, these coffee beans are strong enough to give you a powerful and rich taste with a slight cocoa touch.

The Lavazza Super Crema Espresso is for those of you who love rich and creamy coffee, the taste of which keeps lingering in your mouth. With a genuine European taste and a highly captivating aroma, these coffee beans are surely going to be your hot favorite.

The Death Wish ground coffee is for you if you cannot function properly without your required dosage of caffeine every day. Unlike the conventional Robusta coffee beans, this coffee delivers a very smooth taste that is not bitter but is still pretty strong.

If you are looking for an authentic Italian coffee taste, get the Illy Ground espresso beans. These Arabica beans come with different flavors, roasts, and formats for giving all of you the exact kind of coffee that you need.

2018’s Reviews of the Best Espresso Beans








KoffeeKult Dark Roasted Coffee Beans


2.2 pounds


Kicking Horse Coffee Beans


1.8 pounds


Lavazza Super Crema Espresso


2.2 pounds


Death Wish Ground Coffee


1.2 pounds


Illy Ground Espresso


13.4 ounces

#1 KoffeeKult

If you want to take your coffee taste buds to a joyride, the KoffeeKult dark roast coffee beans are going to provide you the exact platform. From aroma to taste to texture, these espresso beans are pure indulgence.

One thing we can truly vouch for is the quality of these beans. Unlike many other brands whose espresso beans are dry and frail, these beans are super fresh and adequately oiled.

As soon as you open the coffee bag, you’ll see whole coffee beans with a glossy dark finish roasted to perfection. And how can we forget the aroma which is just going to take your very breath away.

These beans are obtained from pure Arabica coffee, making their taste a perfect balance between too bitter and too light. They are sourced from the places that are known to produce best coffee beans in the world. And then they are blended together to give you the perfect taste.

The best thing about an espresso blend is that it gives you a more complex and deep flavor in comparison to the coffee from a solo origin. Which is why this espresso tastes better than any other brand out there.

And we are not the only ones saying that. You can check their popularity by the number of 5-star ratings and reviews they have got.

Although we are a 100% sure that you are simply going to love it. Yet, if it doesn’t work out for you then the company offers a refund policy in case you are not satisfied. So, there’s nothing at the stake.

Do give this coffee a try and learn a whole new meaning of espresso addiction.


  • There is a smooth and glossy finish to the beans
  • Bold and smooth flavor without being too bitter
  • Satisfaction guaranteed refund policy
  • Slight chocolaty flavor
  • Doesn’t leave a bad taste afterward


  • Not all the beans are organic

#2 Kicking Horse Coffee

Satisfy your espresso cravings with a blend of the finest quality coffee beans from Africa, South & Central America and Indonesia, in the form of the Kicking Horse coffee beans.  These medium roasted coffee beans deliver you the precise aroma and taste that you need for kick starting your day.

The taste of this coffee is pretty strong but very smooth. We bet that it’s going to appeal to your adventurous side. These coffee beans are roasted with special care and attention for giving you the finest taste and quality every single time.

One thing that we really like about this company is that it is highly pro-environment and so it is strictly against the use of inorganic coffee at all. This means, every cup of this heavenly coffee is 100% organic and has been obtained through ethical resources.

The coffee gives off a very bright taste with hints of chocolate and fruit, making you want to keep sipping it all day long. The aroma of the beans is also quite enchanting. You simply won’t get over it and would keep returning to your kitchen to take a whiff of the coffee bag every now and then.

You have the liberty to choose from different blends that are offered by the company. But, whichever blend you go for, you can be assured of the taste, quality, and its organic roots. We really love this coffee and we are sure that you are going to love it too.


  • Strong but smooth taste
  • Rich creamy flavor with a hint of chocolate and fruit
  • Gives you a quick and strong lift
  • 100% organic
  • Excellent for jump starting your day


  • The aroma seems to fade away after brewing

#3 Lavazza Super Crema Espresso

The Lavazza Super Crema Espresso beans are perfect for you if you like a blend of Indonesian, Brazilian and Central American coffees.

Like its name suggests, this coffee gives you a very rich and creamy taste. It gives off an original Italian taste that is an absolute treat for your taste buds. The taste is also pretty long-lasting, so you are just going to get hooked on to this coffee.

These coffee beans are excellent for both espresso and drip coffee. So, you can grind them in any way you prefer and they will give an exceptional taste in either of the forms.

Their aroma is pretty strong and powerful and is quite entrancing. From opening the coffee bag to brewing it, the aroma keeps hitting your senses in the most delightful way.

These coffee beans are oily but not too oily to block your espresso machines. The controlled oil content is the thing that gives these coffee beans the original and authentic taste that they have.

Also, these are not black either, which is a major contributor to their great taste. Because, in case you do not know, black coffee beans tend to produce a very bitter tasting coffee. Although some people prefer that, it is still prudent not to go for black coffee beans.

Thankfully, Lavazza coffee beans are not black and are brownish in color. They are evenly roasted to precision, which results in their strong velvety taste that makes you feel like you have found heaven on earth, every single time.


  • Less oil content helps in keeping your machine in perfect condition
  • Has an Italian taste
  • Delivers very creamy and velvety texture
  • Suitable for both fine and coarse grinding
  • Mild roast with a slightly sweeter taste


  • The possibility of buying old stock

#4 Death Wish Ground Coffee

Beware! This coffee is not for the faint of heart because it is strong. VERY STRONG! This is not one of those products that falsely claim to be something they are not. So, when it says it is the world’s strongest coffee, you have got to believe that.

Although the name sounds very terrifying, it doesn’t literally mean that you need to have a death wish for drinking this coffee. These coffee beans are dark roasted to a smooth finish and can be easily ground in your coffee machines.

Just like the kicking horse coffee, these coffee beans are also completely organic and USDA certified. Being so strong, these coffee beans come with an aroma that is unparalleled to any other fragrance you can think of.

For ensuring the quality, all of the coffee beans are meticulously picked and roasted by the company’s experts for delivering you the perfect strong and bold taste that you’ll fall in love with. Having twice the amount of caffeine as any other coffee beans brand, this coffee gives you an enormous caffeine kick that keeps you active for hours.

The coffee is roasted in small batches for preserving its freshness. And this is what really contributes to its super strong taste. You will not find any other better coffee for starting your day, especially if you happen to be a couch potato.

Even though the Robusta coffee beans cost pretty less due to their inferior quality, Death wish has still managed to get their hands on the finest Robusta beans for giving you a divine taste. This coffee is a dream come true of every caffeine lover.


  • Extremely strong
  • Organic and USDA certified
  • Gives you a strong caffeine kick
  • Bold yet smooth taste
  • Refund option available if you don’t like it


  • Expensive
  • Too much caffeine for some people

#5 Illy Ground Espresso

Alright, so we are wrapping up our list with the Illy ground espresso beans. If you want to wake up your senses with a pleasant taste pouring down your throat, get the Illy ground espresso beans.

These coffee beans are 100% Arabica so you can be assured of the amazing taste every time. The beans are carefully roasted and packed for keeping them as fresh as they have just got roasted in front of your eyes.

Every sip of the coffee is packed with a smooth and delectable taste that is carefully balanced between the two extremes. The smooth taste and texture of the coffee are bold enough to freshen up your mind.

The consistent and authentic taste of this coffee makes you reminisce about Italy. You will honestly feel like you are sitting in an Italian barista house while sipping on this cup of pure heaven.

The Illy Ground espresso beans come in different roasts, formats, and flavors so you can choose the one that you like the most. But, no matter which one you choose, you will get a unique and exceptional taste without any shred of doubt.

Illy Ground sources its unique blend of coffee beans from the best coffee farms in India, Africa, Central America, and Brazil.

And before the can of these scrumptious coffee beans reaches you, it goes through 114 QC checks. Can you believe it?  But, well, this is what makes it one of the best-tasting coffees in the world.

These should be your go to coffee beans if you want a perfect blend of taste, aroma, and smoothness.


  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Smooth and well-balanced taste
  • Gives you an authentic Italian experience
  • Available in different flavors and roasts
  • A blend of 9 different Arabica coffee beans


  • Too strong for lattes
  • Not very creamy

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Espresso Beans

True coffee fanatics generally know their coffee beans really well. But, if you are a little confused about how you should pick the coffee beans that appeal to your taste, then we are here to help you. There are a few things that you need to know before taking your pick. Take a look.

Beans Differ From Each Other

A lot of people tend to have this misunderstanding that all espresso beans are same. They are not. As you saw in the list above as well, these espresso beans belong to different types. But which type works best for you is something you will have to find out on your own.

Generally, the ideal beans for espresso are either Arabica or Milds that grow way above the sea level. The ones grown at lower altitudes are comparatively less good but they cost less too. Both Milds and Arabica beans have a pretty strong taste and scent and they are customarily obtained from Brazil.

Beans Are Different Before & After Roasting

The quality and aroma of the espresso beans change when they are roasted. Usually, before roasting, the fresh beans have a grassy smell. And they are also not as hard as they get after being roasted.

You can also purchase raw beans and then roast them yourself. But, it takes special skills and proficiency to do so. Therefore, it is wise to choose already roasted ones.

Even the roasted beans differ from each other in many ways. Some beans are lightly-roasted. They contain a higher amount of caffeine and have a strong taste.

On the other hand, some beans are medium-roasted and have a comparatively milder taste. And then there are dark roasted beans that have a lesser amount of caffeine. So, they taste a bit sweet.

Other than these, there are French-roasted beans as well that are shadier and very greasy. And lastly, there are the Italian-roasted beans that are generally used for making espresso.


The flavor, odor, quality, and texture of the coffee beans differ from one company to another. These factors majorly depend on the type of the coffee beans, they way they are roasted, and the kind of flavors they have. This is why not every coffee is going to appeal to your taste buds.

Hence, before ordering for your bag of espresso beans, you must be clear about the type and other attributes that you want in them. In the above-mentioned list, we have made sure to add all the different types of coffee beans for covering the requirements of each one of you.

So, pick one now and start fueling your addictions.

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