Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker — 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

Cold brew coffee is the newest fad in coffee and for good reason. Cold brew is easier on the stomach and it doesn’t take nearly as much effort to make. Plus, if you live in a warm climate but still want a refreshing cup of coffee, having a hot cup just isn’t as nice as a cold brew, and that’s why you need the best cold brew coffee maker.

There is much to consider when looking for a cold brew coffee maker. The biggest thing to take notice of is how the coffee maker steeps along with the temperature requirements. Many of these coffee makers require you to pre-grind the beans before steeping them, so you’ll need a grinder as well. Fortunately, that’s not too expensive, especially if you are going with a manual coffee grinder.

Getting cold brew coffee is as easy as finding the best cold brew coffee maker. Check out the table below for our top picks.

Why Cold Brew Coffee?

The process of cold brew was once restricted to the higher end coffee shops, a technique that only the most trained baristas would dare embark on. But the reality is cold brew is easy enough for the home barista to try their hand at. All you need is a bit of time to learn and understanding of the process.

The good news is the cold brew is more forgiving of the problems that come with brewing coffee. Specifically, flavor can be affected by a variety of variables – how you store your beans, the altitude at which the beans grow, soil considerations, etc. The bottom line is the process from bean to cup is not the simple idea that most think it is. Coffee enthusiasts know this well.

Cold brew allows for a more muted flavor, really allowing you to taste a different element of coffee and the nice part is for those with stomach issues like acid reflux, cold brew allows you a chance to enjoy that cup of joe without having to pop a Pepcid to keep your esophagus from becoming a five alarm situation.

Once you have the beans, you are off to the races!

#1 Ovalware RJ3

With making coffee, having everything stay airtight is a key to success. This is why when you get coffee beans it is highly recommended to store the beans in an air-tight container such as a mason jar or something else that locks with a seal. This stores the flavor and prevents contaminants from getting into the coffee and causing the taste to go south. The reality is, coffee beans are porous and will absorb the ambient aromas, and thus alter the taste.

How does this affect cold brew you ask – it’s very simple. Cold brew has to steep for a long time and usually has to steep in the refrigerator. So, if you have a cold brew coffee maker that is emphasizing how it is an air tight system, you immediately know how serious Ovalware is. The rubber stopper in the coffee maker means that when you store the coffee in the fridge for it to steep, you can be sure the seal will remain air tight.

The seal is the most important feature of this coffee maker, but other great features are reusable metal filter. Many cold brew coffee makers use paper filters, and those are a pain to constantly replace and restock. The other great feature of this particular coffee maker is the sleek design. You can hold a lot of coffee in this particular carafe while not taking up a ton of room in the refrigerator. 

There are some things that end up being a bit disappointing about this particular coffee maker. The first is the filter sometimes allows smaller grinds to escape and get into the coffee. Perhaps this can be remedied with a larger grind size, but still, it’s a problem. Another issue is that the glass doesn’t seem to have the right weight for the price. It seems almost a bit flimsy.

Overall, the Ovalware is a great way to take your cold brew love to the next level, the flaws are small, but they are things to be aware of.


  • Air tight rubber stopper means that you keep your coffee having the best flavor for a long time
  • The metal filter is reusable, so no need to constantly purchse paper filters
  • Sleek design allows you to store a good amount of coffee in the fridge without taking up too much space


  • If your grind size is too small, the grinds can escape the filter and get into the coffee itself
  • The glass seems a bit flimsy, it should be thicker and weightier

#2 Oxo Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

There is much to say to the person who believes in doing something different. When that person succeeds, it is considered visionary. For example, Apple is the most well-known company that would do things differently and have great success. But, they are working with computers, not cold brew coffee.

And, for that reason alone, that’s why the Oxo should be looked at with a skeptical and ultimately approving eye. This is a cold brew coffee maker that works in a way completely different than the others. Instead of having to put the grounds in a filter and submerge the filter, Oxo uses a design that resembles a drip coffee maker. The grounds are put in the top canister. The water is added and then is evenly distributed over the grounds in a “rain” style. This guarantees even distribution which leads to greater flavor.

The other benefits that this particular cold brew coffee maker has are that you can get literally the amount of coffee that you want on demand. The other great thing is this particular coffee maker can steep up to 14 days. You literally get the right amount of coffee at all times and have an incredible duration with which the coffee steeps.

The downside of this machine is the price point. This is the most expensive cold brew coffee maker on the list. The other problem is the airtight seal is not as effective as a rubber stopper or mason jar would be. There can end up being air intrusion on the carafe.

Overall, the Oxo does a good job of brewing cold brew coffee in a creative way that for many is worth the price.


  • The innovative design means that you can get cold brew coffee in a new, creative way
  • Get the amount of cold brew coffee for a single cup or several cups on demand
  • This cold brew coffee maker can have your coffee steep up to 14 days


  • The price on this particular coffee maker is somewhat expensive for what it does
  • Though it says the seal is airtight, there have been mentions of air intrusion happening

#3 County Line Kitchen

The simplest solution is usually always the best solution, and County Line Kitchen has managed to take two disparate elements that exist perfectly on their own – a mason jar and a filter – and turn them into a formidable vessel for making the best cold brew coffee. The reality is the system is remarkably simple, and when you think of all the great simple things in this world, County Line seems to have done one better with their union of the mason jar and the metal filter.

The good news – the mason jar allows for your cold brew coffee to be airtight. When the Ball brothers created the mason jar and it became a huge seller, it was perfect for canning and pickling. Now, apply the same principles to cold brew coffee and it is only natural that the mason jar would fit perfectly into these plans.

The metal filter is great too. It has a fine mesh and will not let the grounds get into your coffee. This is something that is extremely important for many cold brew enthusiasts. The other great thing – the mason jar is heavy duty. Your cold brew coffee maker from County Line Kitchen will last for a long time.

Now, there are some negatives. The first is the conical shape of the metal filter can make it hard to clean. This means you have to pay great attention to how much ground coffee you put in the filter, which can affect taste. The next issue is that several people report issues with the fit of the filter along with the mason jar lid.

Ultimately, this is a very simple design that is guaranteed to please many, so be sure to give it a whirl.


  • The design is ridiculously simplistic and easy to use
  • Airtight seal means no air intrusion into your cold brew coffee
  • Mason jars are very durable so you don’t have to worry about the jar breaking


  • The conical shape of the filter means that you can have some difficulty cleaning it out
  • There are some problems with the fit of the lid and the filter

#4 Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker

One of the greatest things in this world is strength. However, you acquire strength, once you have it, it is imperative to never lose it. Strength, of course can be a tangible or an intangible element, but the bottom line is strength is always highly coveted – even in elements like heavy metals along with more intangible things like strength of character and will.

For Takeya, strength is in the borosilicate glass. This cold brew coffee maker is strong and won’t break. That’s certainly a welcome development for all involved. Thanks to this strong carafe you won’t have to worry about it breaking unless you do something remarkably clever to break it. Of course, this is not a recommendation to try and break it, but if you were so inclined, you’d get quite frustrated.

The Takeya is versatile as well. Besides having the fine mesh filter for the coffee it also has a fruit infuser, so besides cold brew coffee you can do incredible fruit drinks including sangria. Another great feature is how easy it is to clean. The best part is how the filter and the other parts are dishwasher safe. You’ll have no problems here.

There are some problems with the Takeya though. The first is while it claims to be airtight, there is nothing that really seals it, so you will deal with air intrusion. The other issue is the Takeya has some leak issues. This can be especially problematic when you are trying to store cold brew coffee.

Ultimately, the Takeya provides a lot of value for its price and is definitely worth consideration when purchasing these coffee makers.


  • Borosilicate glass is incredibly strong and provides outstanding durability
  • Mesh filter and fruit infuser are great for getting the right steeping
  • Dishwasher safe parts make cleaning very easy


  • Coffee maker is not airtight which means you won’t get the perfect flavor after a while
  • This particular model has been known to leak

#5 Misc Home Cold Brew Coffee Maker

When you want to stand out from the crowd the first way to do so is with incredible style. When something looks completely different from the rest of the crowd, it is going to get attention and at that point, it is on the device to function efficiently. Great style is imperative to making sure a product lasts on the market and has its own identity.

Misc Home certainly achieves this with their cold brew coffee maker. This particular coffee maker is tall and sleek, the glass handle adds a touch of class and by all visual accounts it appears that this coffee maker can hold a lot of your favorite cold brew coffee.  

The filter is exceptionally easy to clean, and that makes a big difference, because cold brew is all about convenience. It’s inconvenient to slave over a coffee maker’s filter just to make more coffee. The other thing that makes this particular coffee maker great is how efficiently it works. Making cold brew is very easy once you find the right grind size.

There are some problems however. The first is the silicone seal gets stuck and/or comes off when you are taking off the lid. That ruins the coffee maker being airtight. The other issue is that this coffee maker is quite skinny, so you can’t store a heck of a lot of coffee in there.

Overall, this is a good cold brew coffee maker if you enjoy the design.


  • Excellent design with the height and the glass handle
  • Filter is very easy to clean just like the entire coffee maker
  • The system it uses to make cold brew is really efficient, all you need to worry about is grind size


  • The silicone seal doesn’t stay on very well
  • This particular model is quite skinny so you can’t store the same amount of cold brew coffee that you otherwise would

The Cold Brew Process

For people who love coffee but want a milder, less acidic method of enjoying a good cup of coffee, the cold brew process is something that they embrace enthusiastically.

The key with cold brew is it must be a longer steeping and brewing process than with the drip coffee makers. With the traditional brewing systems, water has to be warmed between 195 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. For cold brew, temperatures that hover around 90 degrees Fahrenheit are critical. The next step is to store the steeping coffee in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day, you can enjoy the coffee with cream and sugar just as you would a regular cup of coffee. You will notice immediately how cold brew is less acidic and sits better in your stomach. Once a staple of coffee shops, cold brew is now available for everyone and it is important to have the right beans for this purpose.


When you need a change of pace for your morning, there are few things that can be more refreshing than cold brew. Fortunately, you can use cold brew coffee in a variety of ways – even as a refreshing cool down drink! The choice is yours with this versatile version of coffee that is easy on the stomach – and the wallet.

Jill Scott

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