Best Coffee Makers Under $50 - 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

Having an amazing cup of coffee every single morning should not be expensive. Thankfully, this list of the best coffee makers under $50 proves not only is great coffee and low prices something you can have, but there is an abundance in choices.

For many people interested in this list, they are probably having to put money into more consequential items like cars or their housing, so having a reliable coffee maker that doesn’t cost terribly much is something desired. Think about the college student in their dorm – having a cheap coffee maker could be the difference between a B or an A.

Getting a great coffee maker isn’t a matter of spending a lot of money, so if you are looking for a coffee maker that costs less than reloading your Starbucks card then check out the table below for our top picks.

The Drip Coffee Machine

Perhaps there have been more consequential inventions over the history of time – for example, the light bulb – but the drip coffee machine is nearly as ubiquitous as Edison’s most famous invention. Every house has one, and they are remarkably easy to use.

In the old days, you basically had to use devices like the French press to make coffee. So that meant heating up water, grinding the beans, pouring water over the beans, stirring, pumping, and ultimately hoping that you didn’t get too much in the way of grinds in your cup. There are many people today who still have not been able to master these types of devices. Though, in fairness, you do not need electricity to use them.

The drip coffee maker allows you simply flip a switch, and if you have already pre-filled the hopper with beans and the reservoir with water, you are well on your way to a great cup of coffee. Now with water purifiers and reusable filters, the drip coffee maker makes getting the best cup of coffee something that is relatively easy and thoughtless – and really, what could be better?

After all, the last thing you want to do when you wake up is have to think about all the different steps needed to get a cup of coffee. The drip coffee maker solves that problem.

#1 Cuisinart DCC 1100BK

Cuisinart always seems like the go-to name in kitchen appliances and it makes sense – when it comes to having dependable appliances in the kitchen few brands enjoy the level of success that Cuisinart has sustained over the years. So when you have a chance to catch a Cuisinart appliance for $50 or less, you are assured this is a fantastic deal.

This particular coffee maker checks all the boxes with regards to expectations you have when buying Cuisinart. Besides being dependable, it is innovative in the most subtle ways. The first is the showerhead water dispenser. This allows for even coverage of the coffee grounds for the best possible brewing of your morning cup. The function knob is so easy to use that, with apologies to GEICO, a caveman could do it. Brewpause allows you to get a cup of coffee while the pot is still brewing, and the clean function will actually clean your machine so that calcification does not occur and your water will remain pure.

Cuisinart also seems to think of everything, even the carafe handle is designed to be ergonomic! There are frankly just too many awesome features with this particular model to keep delving into, and sufficed to say with the price you are getting an extraordinary deal.

If you are someone to quibble, there are some things that you may take issue with. The first is the Cuisinart does not come with a grinder, which seems a bit odd because it is not like a grinder makes a machine that much more costly. The second is there are some people who have reported that the machine does not adequately heat the water. Now, this is not a widespread complaint, but it does happen often enough that it would be important to take notice.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a coffee maker that does it all and also does it on a budget, then you are at your best with a Cuisinart.


  • Everything with this coffee maker is very intentional and designed to make your coffee experience a superior one
  • The smallest details are taken into account, including the ergonomic handle on the carafe
  • This model has a self-clean function which rids the machine of calcification


  • With the attention to detail you would think this machine would have a grinder – alas, you would be wrong
  • More than a few reports of the water not being hot during the coffee brewing process

#2 Mr. Coffee EVX23

Mr. Coffee is pretty much the go to name when it comes to nearly any coffee machine. The bottom line is this brand has been around forever and is noted for its reliability. You are likely to get a lot of use out of your Mr. Coffee coffee machine, so picking one up at the store is always a shrewd investment where you are not spending a lot, but getting a ton of return.

This particular machine is notable because it is remarkably reliable and extremely easy to use. Many users report great satisfaction with the reliability of this coffee maker and how it invariably produces an excellent cup of coffee. It has programmable settings it will be remarkably easy for you to set your coffee for a specific time while you get up and brush your teeth so that your coffee is ready at the right moment. Furthermore, you can use either a paper filter or the reusable filter – whatever works best for you works well with Mr. Coffee.

In the front of the machine is the water window, you will always know how much is in the reservoir. Ultimately, this machine has no frills but produces a great cup of coffee – and really, what more would you like from your coffee machine.

Unfortunately, there are some issues with the Mr. Coffee. The biggest is probably the orientation of the clock. Because it has a weird angle it’s not the easiest to read, so you almost have to be eye level with it to see exactly what is going on. The other issue is where the two pins are on the filter basket. When cleaning the basket it can be tough because the pins are in some weird places. Some have even reported that they have gotten stuck with the pins because of the awkward design.

Ultimately, you can do far worse than the Mr. Coffee EVX23, you will get years of use out of a coffee maker that is very affordably priced.


  • The programming functions of this machine allow you to have a great cup of coffee at your convenience
  • Very straightforward machine with incredible ease of use including a water window that is easy to see on the front of the machine
  • Like every Mr. Coffee machine ever manufactured, this machine is incredibly reliable


  • The clock orientation provides really awkward viewing when it comes time to set the alarm and time
  • Filter basket pins are very awkward to use and can possible injure you if not careful

#3 Black and Decker DCM600B

When you think of drills, saws, and other handheld power tools, Black and Decker is certainly one of the major names that connotes reliability and power. With regard to their coffee machine, the reputation of Black and Decker certainly comes into play when considering the effectiveness of this coffee machine. The simplicity of the design and use is unparalleled.

The first thing that jumps out at you about the Black and Decker is the simplicity in the design. There is no clock, there are no frills. All you do is simply flip the switch and the your coffee will be brewing. Of course, you also need to fill the reservoir and put the grounds in the filter – but you get the point. For people who are not interested in having a grinder or setting alarms, this is the perfect coffee machine for you, and its price point reflects that fact brilliantly.

However, there are disadvantages for the no-frills approach. For example, you need to have paper filters for this particular machine or the Black and Decker reusable filter. If you are someone who hates having to think about things in the morning, not having the alarm system will also be a turn off for you. The other issue is the durability. There have been problems with the glass carafe, water not heating properly, and basically just the coffee machine performing below standard. If you are a person who depends on your coffee, this isn’t for you.

If you are someone who loves a good cup of coffee and has modest expectations, then the Black and Decker is the perfect coffee machine for your purposes.


  • Basic coffee machine that is easy to use – just flip the switch
  • Water reservoir meter on the front keeps you knowing how much is in there and how it needs to be filled
  • Perfect coffee machine for college students or someplace informal


  • Massive problems with durability including the carafe and other parts wearing out
  • No function for a clock and programming, truly a plug and play machine

#4 Hamilton Beach Programmable Brewstation

Perhaps life should be taken one step at a time, and when you are taking life one step at a time, it should be done in style. Hamilton Beach has taken that motif and turned it into a coffee machine that can produce up to ten cups of coffee but does so one at a time.

We know what to expect when we see a Hamilton Beach product – it must be stylish and somewhat innovative. When you have this particular Hamilton Beach product, you are certainly getting that – and more. How often do you end up throwing out the coffee at the bottom of the pot? Because of the single cup serving this means you only brew the coffee that you are going to use. The reservoir window means that you can easily see the how much water is in the system. The brewbasket is easy to use and doubles as the perfect vessel to fill the reservoir, and on the side is the clock and programmable features, meaning that delicious cup of coffee will be waiting for you the moment you wake up.

There are some downsides to the Hamilton Beach, however. This machine is a leaker – the reason is the brewbasket is intended to hold the coffee and dispense as needed. Well, the plastic wears and the screws will leak after prolonged exposure to hot coffee. The other issue is the brewbasket doesn’t keep the coffee warm, so you basically need to brew what you will drink right away otherwise problems will arise.

Ultimately, the Hamilton Beach is a very interesting product that can serve you quite well, just be careful with how you use the on-demand coffee dispensing.


  • Innovative design that makes it different than any other machine on the market
  • Programming is quite easy and means that coffee is waiting for you
  • Quite stylish and will fit perfectly in the design of any kitchen


  • Prone to leaking from the screws that hold the brewbasket in place
  • There is trouble with keeping the coffee warm

#5 Excelvan CM6626

When you need a low profile coffee machine that has programmable functions and does its job without fuss, then the Excelvan is a great coffee machine for you. What is remarkable is how much this machine can do in such a small profile.

Many people greatly enjoy how simple this machine is to operate. It is easily programmable and comes with a reusable filter guaranteed to get the most out of your ground coffee. The small profile means it can go anywhere in the kitchen. It is easy to refill and the carafe does a good job at keeping your coffee warm.

What could possibly be problematic?

Well, the first issue is the water reservoir meter. It is locate on the side so in order to view it you have to crane your head and to refill it you need to pull it away from the wall and turn it to the side. This just gets old after a while. The other issue people talk about is the pour spout on the carafe. To say it pours slow is an understatement.

Ultimately, the Excelvan is a decent value of a coffee machine, and if you are looking for something small for your kitchen that does the job, there are far worse options than this particular model. Still, it seems to have loads of potential that unfortunately does not appear to be realized.


  • This coffee machine has a great bunch of features including easy programming functions
  • Efficiently brews coffee with little fuss and hassle
  • Small profile means that you can fit this coffee machine anywhere in your kitchen without having it take up massive space


  • When you have to refill the water reservoir, this device can be problematic because the water meter is on the side
  • The pour spout on the carafe is really narrow which presents problems when pouring coffee

Whole Bean or Ground Coffee for your Drip Machine?

The preference is yours, but for the freshest coffee the best idea is to have a grinder on hand get the beans ground right before they go in a filter. If you have a coffee machine that grinds the beans, then making sure they are in an air tight container before putting them in the hopper guarantees fresh flavor.

For ground coffee, make sure you are always using a clean filter. Some filters do accumulate some scum and a really helpful tool to keep the reusable filter clean is a toothbrush. Get the water in your sink nice and soapy then start scrubbing with the toothbrush and you’ll be surprised what comes off.

The best part is when you maintain your drip coffee machine through periodic but vigorous cleaning, you can all but guarantee that your machine will produce amazing coffee for as long as you have it.


Having a great cup of coffee and breaking the bank on a coffee maker are mutually exclusive ideas. As you can see from the coffee makers reviewed above, having a great cup of coffee is as simple as a couple clicks online. Whether you are a college student, moving into your first place, or a senior who doesn’t want a whole lot of bells and whistles, these coffee makers will do the job and then some.

Jill Scott

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