Best Coffee Maker Under $100 - 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

Would you be surprised if we told you that the best coffee maker under 100 dollars was as good as many much more expensive models?

Or maybe you are one of those stubborn coffee drinkers that think the more money you spend on a coffee maker the better the coffee tastes?

Well then you might want to seriously reconsider that after what you see in this article.

Coffee machine manufacturers are smart and they know that not everybody wants to spend a lot of money on a machine to make that fresh brewed ‘pick me up’ they need each morning. That is why it is not unusual these days to find a great coffee maker for less than 100 dollars. Read on further and we will tell you more about how to find these affordable coffee makers and review some of the best low cost coffee makers that are available.

If you are a serious coffee drinker you know that the taste of your coffee is nothing to mess around with. In all seriousness though, you really do not have to spend a lot of money to get a satisfying cup of coffee. We think the cost and quality combination of the coffee makers we are going to review will pleasantly surprise you.

Top Affordable Coffee Makers That Brew a Great Cup of Java


Coffee Maker


Key Features




Haier Digital Polished Stainless Steel Coffee Machine

12 cups

– Glass Carafe w/measurement markings
– 24 hour programmable
– Pause and pour feature
– 2 hour auto shutoff


Espro P3 - French Press Coffee Maker with SCHOTT Duran glass

8 cups

– 100% grit free coffee
– 3 filter choices
– Sturdy/safe SCHOTT Duran Glass carafe
– Stylish looks


Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

3 cups

– Brushed stainless steel pot
– Sturdy and durable
– Decorative good looks
– 5-year warranty


Cuisinart Stainless Steel Programmable Coffeemaker Machine

14 cups

– Programmable convenience
– Stainless steel exterior
– Activated charcoal water filter
– Large capacity


BUNN NHS Velocity Brew Home Coffee Brewer

10 cups

– Fast 3 minute brewing time
– 4 to 10 cup capacity
– Drip free carafe design
– Superior coffee flavor extraction methods

Reviews of the Best Coffee Makers under 100 Dollars

#1 Haier Digital Polished Stainless Steel Coffee Machine – The ultimate in brewing convenience

Here is a really well-designed coffee maker from the reputable kitchen appliance maker Haier. It is one of the most versatile coffee machines on our top review list. The digital controls let you make coffee your way when using this product.

The controls are this coffee maker will let you set the amount of cups you want to make and when you want it to start making them. You can conveniently have your coffee ready and waiting for you when you want it to be.

If you are running a little behind schedule don’t worry. This coffee maker will keep your coffee warm for 2 hours then automatically shut itself off.

One of the best features with this coffee maker is the glass carafe that holds the coffee. It has convenient measurement markings right on it to help make adding water to brew the coffee very easy. Glass does a better job of preserving your coffee’s taste and keeping it hot much better than Pyrex plastic type containers do.

This coffee maker will look good on any counter you set it on too. It has a polished stainless steel finish that will complement its surroundings unlike other plain coffee machines.


  • Glass Carafe w/measurement markings
  • 24 hour programmable
  • Pause and pour feature
  • 2 hour auto shutoff
  • Easy to use digital controls


  • The blue digital display light color is hard to see during the day

#2 Espro P3 - French Press Coffee Maker with SCHOTT Duran glass

This is the first of two French Press coffee makers our top review list and it’s a very highly rated one. It features a SCHOTT Duran glass carafe to hold the coffee which is much thicker and safer than the glass found in most ordinary French Press coffee machines.

If you are one of those people who gets turned off by even the slightest amount of grit in your coffee this coffee maker is perfect for you. The manufacturer guarantees if you use this coffee maker your coffee will be 100% grit free.

One of the nice things about French Press coffee makers like this one is they remove the sediment without losing any flavor. You will get a grit free and robust cup of coffee every time you brew.

This coffee maker comes with three different patent pending filters. They have much smaller filter openings than normal French Press coffee filters. The three different filters enable you to brew your coffee specifically the way you like it.

This coffee maker looks great sitting on your countertop or kitchen island too. Its combination of real glass, stainless steel and copper parts give it an impressive look to say the least.


  • 100% grit free coffee
  • 3 filter choices
  • Sturdy SCHOTT Duran glass carafe
  • Stylish looks
  • Bundled kit has everything you need to get started
  • Safe because it uses no electricity


  • Boiling water in a separate kettle is inconvenient to some
  • Locking tab feature is in an odd location

#3 Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

Many people who have used French Press coffee makers complain about the delicacy of the glass carafes that are used to make the coffee with. You don’t have to worry about that with this model coffee maker because it comes with a sturdy, double wall all stainless steel pot to make the coffee in.

It also comes with everything needed to make great tasting coffee except the coffee itself. Included in the package are the coffee press, measuring scoop and stainless steel stirring spoon.

This Frieling coffee maker uses a two stage process to eliminate any grit from making its way into your coffee. It has a pre-filter and then a fine mesh filter that is ideal for filtering out fine coffee grains.

This is an excellent coffee maker for small households. It produces a very good tasting and virtually sediment free cup of coffee. It is simple to operate and even easier to clean up after you are done making the coffee. This product is not recommended for larger sized households with many coffee drinkers.

With its brushed stainless steel finish and full body length metal handle this coffee pot will look good on any countertop too. It even comes with a full 5-year warranty.


  • Fine filtered coffee
  • Brushed stainless steel pot
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Decorative good looks
  • 5-year warranty
  • Uses no electricity
  • Can make tea with it too


  • Small capacity
  • Boiling water separately is inconvenient to some
  • Super fine grains will still bypass the filter

#4 Cuisinart Stainless Steel Programmable Coffeemaker Machine

Cuisinart is a big name in kitchen appliances and this fine coffee maker will not let you down. It is simple to use and has a push button and digital interface that will let you make your coffee the way you want it.

The digital display on this model coffee machine is very easy to read and helps make programming easy. You can set the time when you want this device to come on and start making coffee too. Your coffee will be ready and waiting for you in the morning as soon as you wake up.

The controls have such selections as a quick 1-4 cup setting, an auto shutoff and even some adjustable coffee strength settings.

For the most part this coffee maker is very easy to program and use. The one exception would be filling it with water for the brewing process. The top lid does not flip up into an upright 90 degree position. This makes filling it a little tricky.

This is a very nice looking coffee maker too. It has a stainless steel exterior finish with complimentary black plastic accents. One thing to note is that the internal water fill compartment is made of plastic and not stainless steel.


  • Programmable convenience
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Activated charcoal water filter
  • Large capacity
  • User-friendly controls
  • Sturdy glass carafe


  • A little tricky to fill with water
  • Coffer maker internals are not stainless steel

#5 BUNN NHS Velocity Brew Home Coffee Brewer

Here is a simple but very effective coffee making product. Despite the fact that it does not have a lot of programmable controls, it is still easy to use and makes a very robust cup of coffee. There is a lot to like about its simplistic design.

It will conveniently help you make 4 to 10 cups of coffee at one time. That is enough for any medium to large size family for most occasions. It also means this is not a coffee maker for small households or for people that like to make only a single cup of coffee at a time.

This unit really helps you get the most flavor out of your favorite coffee too. First it sprays the hot water evenly over the grounds to completely saturate them. The grounds are also laid out on a flatter and wider filter surface so the water drips through a much larger amount of the coffee grounds at once.

It’s a coffee maker that has a little bit of style to it also. It has a stainless steel and shiny black plastic exterior finish that will look good wherever you choose to place it. This coffee maker is also backed up with a nice 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Fast 3 minute brewing time
  • 4 – 10 cup capacity
  • Drip free carafe design
  • Superior coffee flavor extraction methods
  • On–demand hot water feature
  • 3-year warranty


  • Cannot brew a smaller amount than 4 cups
  • No timer function to make coffee ahead of time
  • Carafe is a polymer plastic and not glass

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Once you are starting your search for a new coffee maker you will probably be overwhelmed by all the choices you have. Coffee is such a popular hot beverage that many kitchen appliance manufacturers try and get in on that. The fact you have so many choices is both a good and bad thing when it comes to buying a new coffee making machine.

So how do you handle the buying decision with so many choices to make? The answer to that is looking at the things in a coffee maker that are most important to you. For instance, if you like French press coffee then don’t waste time look at programmable electric drip coffee makers.

Here are the most important characteristics of coffee makers to consider when deciding which model you will buy. Some of them may seem like no brainers to you and others may not fit your particular needs. We will include them anyway just to give you as much information as possible so you get the best coffee maker for your needs.


Coffee makers come in all different price ranges. You can find home coffee brewers for as little as $10 or even some that will run well into the several hundred dollar range. Most of us do not have the luxury of possessing unlimited budgets. So setting a budget range to shop is a good way to narrow down the many coffee maker shopping choices that you have.

Base this budget range on your needs more than your wants. That way you will get a coffee maker that is tailor fit to your family’s coffee drinking habits. Base this budget decision on such things as how often you drink coffee and how much you drink too.

If you equate being able to drink coffee right up there with breathing then go ahead and spend a little more on a coffee maker if it fits into your budget.

Type of coffee maker

Here are the most popular types of coffee makers in the kitchen appliance marketplace:

Conventional Drip & Filter

This is by far your most common type of coffee maker. They are electric models that you pour water into and then it heats up and slowly drips through the coffee grounds in the filter. Many of these have timers and preset programs built right into their controls which makes them very simple and convenient to use.

French press

You saw a few of these on our top review list of coffee makers under 100 dollars. That is not surprising because they are easy to use and tend to get the full flavor out of the coffee beans that are placed into them. People also love them because they don’t allow much coffee bean sediment into the finished coffee. With these coffee makers you have to heat the water you add to them yourself.

Single Cup

These are the perfect coffee makers for those on the go and those who live alone or in small households. They also will keep you from making too much coffee and wasting it too. These types of coffee machines usually are very small or are machines where you add a single serving pack into them.


Many people assume that percolated coffee became extinct about the same time as the dinosaurs but that is hardly the truth. There are many different model coffee percolators still available in the marketplace. They are still highly favored by those who grew up used to the taste of the coffee they produce.


You need to have an idea of how many cups of coffee your machine has to be able to make at once and factor that into your coffee maker buying decision. If you have 4 coffee drinkers in your household and if you are all are up at the same time in the morning, then you will need a larger capacity coffee maker.

You also have to factor in such things as if you like to entertain guests for dinner on a regular basis and have coffee available to them when you do. If you don’t need such a big coffee maker then save a few bucks and get a smaller size one that suits your needs better.

Ease of Use

You don’t want to spend an unusual amount of time preparing your coffee each day. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed and not be a burden to make. Try to find a coffee machine that is very easy to operate. Preferably you should find one that doesn’t require you to do much more than add coffee, water and press a button. Keeping your coffee making process simple sure makes things easier and more enjoyable for you.

Ease of Cleanup

If you are like most coffee drinkers you will use your coffee maker every day. Maybe you even use it several times a day. If that is the case you certainly don’t want it to be hard to clean. So look for a coffee make that easily comes apart for cleaning and has material surfaces such as stainless steel and glass that are very easy to keep clean and keep stain free too.


There is nothing like having your coffee sitting there waiting for you when you get up in the morning. That is why it is so nice to have programmable controls on your coffee maker. They just help make it that much more convenient to use. Some machines even have settings that can be tailored to individual users coffee likes. These are never bad things to have on a coffee machine that fits into your budget range.

Special Features

There are many coffee making machines that have special features that set them apart from the others. Take this into consideration when you are having trouble deciding between two different models. Look for such things as technology that makes them easier to use, enhances the flavor of the coffee they produce or makes them easy to clean.


Chances are your coffee maker will be sitting out all the time on the counter in your kitchen. If that is the case you certainly don’t want it to be an eyesore. There is nothing that says your coffee maker can’t compliment the looks of its surroundings a little too. So take this into consideration a little when shopping for your new coffee machine.


The more you spend on your coffee maker the more you are going to want to have a good warranty on it. A warranty will give you some nice peace of mind that your coffee maker will be free from workmanship and material defects for a certain amount of time. Warranties are also good tool to help you make a final buying choice between two similar model coffee makers.

Which One Do We Like Best?

This was a really tough decision. All the model coffee makers on the list were easy to use and make good tasting coffee. The decision was very close too between the Espro P3 - French Press Coffee Maker and the Haier Digital Polished Stainless Steel Coffee Machine In the end the Haier brand coffee maker won out due to it being more convenient to use.

There are just many things to like about this coffee maker. It has the premeasured water levels marked on its glass carafe and the pause and pour feature is really handy when in a hurry. The fact you could program the coffee to be ready when you wanted to be really sold us on this model too. It is also very highly rated by others that have purchased it and used it.

If you are searching for a new coffee maker under $100 you definitely check need to check this easy to use model out.

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