​Best Coffee Grinder for French Press - 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

Having a great cup of coffee means having the right tools such as having the best coffee grinder for French press.

There are few things more satisfying than a good cup of coffee, and in the case of the French press, having the right grinder is the difference between a cup of coffee that tastes scorched and a cup of coffee that is nice and smooth. While some may be intimidated by the French press, once you find the right grinder, what you will notice is there are few things more satisfying than the quickness and deliciousness of making French press coffee.

On the table below you will find the five best coffee grinders for the French press, using these grinders will produce the consistent grounds needed to ensure success.

The French Press

As with all things French, the French press’s elegance belies its brilliant design. The reason why this is a preferred method of brewing coffee comes down to how efficient the process is. There are many things that people do which compromise their French press coffee and this is much to their detriment.

The first is many use a blade grinder, and the reason why this is problematic is because blade grinders are notorious for a lack of consistent grinding. Burr grinders give you consistent ground size. The reason why this is important is if the beans are too large or too small, the water will not steep right or the smaller ground will burn, and thus provide a taste that is scorched – no one likes scorched coffee.

The other consideration with the French press is the water temperature. One of the best tricks is to boil the water and then wait about ten minutes for it to cool, and it should be around 195 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the optimal temperature to pour in the French press.

Once you pour in the water over the grounds, make sure to vigorously stir vertically and then pump the French press. Let it steep for about four minutes and voila – coffee is served.

Once you experience French press coffee done right, the drip coffee maker won’t do it for you anymore. That is why it is important for you to consider the reviews of these different grinders, and the grounds are the key to success in the French press.

#1 Capresso 560 Infiniti Burr Grinder

When you need a consistent grind for your French press, the Capresso 560 Infiniti Burr Grinder is up to the task and the best part is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot in the way of results. As we have talked about before, it is important to have the right size grounds for your French press, and we are happy to report that with many uses the Capresso is up to the challenge.

With 16 different grind settings, the Capresso is perfect for your drip coffee maker as well, although we are discussing the French press, this versatility can only help this grinder. The key here is the burr itself and how it is operated. When you have a burr going at a faster speed, that causes the grounds to heat up and the bean itself loses some of its aromatic quality.

Another plus for the Capresso is its low price point. There are many different burr grinders and they vary in price, however if you can get an affordable grinder and make great coffee, why would you say no to that?

Though we talk about price points and burr settings, there are some issues with the Capresso. The biggest problem is the accessories. Cleaning your grinder is really important and the cleaning tools provided are fairly lousy at doing the job. Unfortunately, this means you will have to figure out a better way to clean the grinder without using the brush provided. Once you find the right brush, this alleviates the issue but really Capresso should have included it.

Overall, for budget and capability, your French press experience is greatly enhanced with the Capresso, and that’s why it’s #1.


  • 16 different grind settings for optimal results
  • Very quiet noise level
  • Incredibly affordable and provides great value for the price


  • The brush that comes with the grinder is fairly useless at cleaning the grinder
  • Inconsistent fine grinding

#2 Baratza Encore Conical Burr

When you think of a grinder that is designed for the French press, the Baratza is pretty much the standard. Having a consistent grind is critical to the French press, so in this case the Baratza is the standard in the industry. For those looking to get started in the French press game, there are far worse options than the Baratza.

The best part of the Baratza is the steel conical grinder. Engineered in Germany, these conical grinding burrs are designed to be durable and provide consistent grinds regardless of how much use they are put through. The Baratza is incredibly durable and if you are someone who is a serious drinker of French press coffee, you are hard pressed to find a more consistent coarse grind than the Baratza.

There are a couple issues that come with the Baratza, the biggest issue is the 40 different grind settings. Though it is means you can find the right setting, the process towards getting there can be rather irritating. Furthermore, if you are using the grinder for the French press, then the fine grind settings are essentially useless. Combine this with a price point over $100, and these are the issues that the Baratza brings to the table.

Ultimately, the Baratza acquits itself thanks to the long shelf life. This is a grinder that you will have for a long time, so if economics are an issue, take solace in that you will have this coffee grinder for a very long time.


  • Steel conical burr provides amazing consistency for every grind
  • Unbelievable durability is the calling card of this grinder, it will be with you a very long time
  • Grind size can be extremely coarse, perfect for the French press


  • 40 different grind sizes seems a tad bit excessive
  • Price point on this particular grinder is a bit high, you can get a similar grinder for less

#3 Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

The Rancilio is an expensive coffee grinder, and what is fascinating about this particular grinder is that it has the look and feel of something expensive. So, when you spend the money to invest in such a product, naturally there are very high expectations. Fortunately, the Rancilio not only meets these expectations but in many ways it exceeds them.

The biggest way that this grinder separates itself from the rest is in the quality. This is a very sturdy unit. Made from stainless steel, it has a heft to it that many other grinders in its class lack. The driving force behind this grinder is its commercial grade motor. With 166 watts of power, you never have to worry about the grinder not being powerful enough to get the job done.

Of course, the concern here would be that the grinder itself would get too hot and thus would ruin the aromatic qualities of the beans. Fortunately, the Rancilio has built in protections against it. The grind speed is slow this way it never gets too hot and the bean, while being ground by a powerful burr, is able to be taken care of during the whole process.

There are some negatives however. The biggest negative is the price. For many grinders in the price class of the Rancilio you will find they have LED screens along with automation. The Rancilio lacks the same flair. The difference would be the Rancilio is constructed with better parts and materials, while the bells and whistles of other grinders betray a lack of quality. Besides the price, the other major problem is the functionality when it comes to changing the grind size. This is best done during the grind itself, and the problem with that is it creates inconsistent grounds. For French press coffee, this is decidedly suboptimal.

Overall, the Rancilio is a fantastic grinder and irrespective of the price you will be getting a great value. This grinder is very sturdy and once you figure out the right grind size you are in a great position to enjoy the benefits of the French press.


  • Extremely sturdy stainless steel construction
  • The powerful motor means that you never have to worry about the grinder wearing out
  • Slow speed grinding means your beans always have great flavor


  • Grind size adjustment is very dodgy
  • This is a very expensive unit so unless you really love French press coffee, you may want to go for a cheaper option

#4 Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Grinder

Few grinders possess the sleek look and feel of the Bodum, in fact when it comes to grinders that look best in your kitchen, there are very few that can put up a legitimate challenge to this particular unit. Unfortunately, rating a grinder based on superficialities is not a recipe for success, so when we dig deeper into the workings of the Bodum, what you will find is that this grinder delivers when compared to other modestly priced competitors.

The best part of the Bodum is how unlike other grinders, it does not use a plastic container but instead uses a glass jar. Glass jars do a much better job keeping the aroma and flavor the beans to be authentic, whereas plastic can eventually have a more soapy aroma if you wash it regularly – which you should. The other benefit for glass over plastic is glass does not have the static issues of plastic. Static makes cleaning the container to be problematic. This is one area in which the Bodum provides truly exceptional value for its price.

 Other areas of success with the Bodum is the hopper and lids. The hopper has a funnel shape which means that it is easier for you to add beans without having them scatter all over the counter. Again – this is another area where the Bodum prevents messes. The lids are all air tight, which means that you do not have to worry about the air around the grinder affecting the bean’s flavor integrity.

The problems the bodum have are what you expect for a grinder that is modestly priced. The higher grind speed means that your beans may not have the same level of flavor as other grinders, and this could lead to your coffee not being as flavorful. Another issue is the timer setting. At best, it is inconsistent, which means your grounds are inconsistent in size as well.

Ultimately, if you are seeking an affordable way to make French press coffee, this grinder will do the job. However, once you gain familiarity with making French press coffee, you will quickly see the flaws of this particular unit.


  • Stylish design and different available colors go in any kitchen
  • The glass container eliminates issues with static and any leftover aromas that can degrade the flavor of the beans
  • Hopper and lids make this device better at storage than models twice the price


  • High grind speed can get the beans hot, which means the flavor isn’t as good
  • Budget grinder leads to budget results

#5 Breville Dose Control Pro

The Breville Dose Control Pro is the lesser model of their other grinder. However, just because this grinder lacks the bells and whistles of the other grinders does not make it lesser of a product, if anything all that means is you have to spend a little bit more time getting to know a great product and will feel great satisfaction when you brew amazing French press coffee.

One of the Breville’s strength is its alarming consistency with the grounds. This is because the burr and the motor are incredibly powerful and also work at a lower speed. Your grounds will come out nearly uniform in size and will not lose aroma or flavor because the low speed grinder keeps it from getting too hot and inadvertently starting the roasting process.

The Breville also has lots of removable parts, including the bean hopper. The great thing about having a removable bean hopper is that it allows you to really get in there and clean the unit. Because you can keep the unit well maintained, that goes far in extending the life of the Breville. Because the price point isn’t low, it is imperative that you take the proper actions necessary to keep it in good working order.

The flaws in this design are the smaller sizes compared to the larger model. Even though the next Breville model up has an LED screen and other technological gadgets, it also has a bigger hopper and other features. Basically, this particular grinder feels like Breville just decided to make a smaller, less technological version of its higher priced model. Unfortunately, it seems like this model is an afterthought.

Ultimately, the elevated price point might turn people off to the Breville but at the same time, this grinder does provide excellent value and is worth a look.


  • The detachable hopper is a fantastic feature that allows you to keep this grinder well-maintained
  • Low grind speed means that your beans will not have to worry about the flavor of your French press being impacted
  • Provides consistent grinds regardless of how frequently you use it


  • High price doesn’t necessarily measure up to the features provided
  • Seems like Breville decided just to make this grinder as the lower model of its other grinder

Why French Press Instead of Drip Machines?

The French press is preferred over the drip machine because it has a purer coffee taste. When you have the drip machine, there are a lot of different factors in play. First, there is the filter, and depending on the type of filter you may be in a situation where if it is paper or reusable that the flavor of the beans is diminished.

Also, the French press does not rely on stored water. With most drip machines, you just get the water out of the tap or keep it poured in the back of the machine. The French press has you boil the water first which removes any impurities. When you use a French press, your coffee has a much purer taste and is far more enjoyable.

Also, for those of us who care about making an effort, the French press requires you to learn a skill that will prove useful forever.


Having the best coffee grinder for the French press is critical to achieving success making a great cup of coffee. When you have consistent coffee grounds and build your skill with the French press, this is something that will impress all your guests or even just impress yourself by doing something that not everyone is willing to do.

Jill Scott

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